Submission Guidelines

1. Format

We prefer PDF documents. However, MS Word documents or HTML documents will be accepted. Please send an inquiry email describing your submission, before you include an attachment. With the threat of viruses, we do not open unsolicited attachments.

2. Topics

Obviously our topics include Self-improvement, Empowerment, Education, Motivation, Inspiration and allied topics. The current major sections are representative of those topics for which we already offer quality publications; however, we have a lot of room for growth.

3. Length

Although there is no specified length, most of our publications range from 5000 - 30000 words.

4. Standards for Content

We prefer that your finished publication include:

  • A Table of Contents (TOC), listing the main sections, chapters or pages.
  • Items in the TOC should be clickable links to the listed sections, chapters or pages.
  • Each section, chapter or page can contain further links to sub-sections.

5. Images

Use .gif or .jpg type files.

6. For the Product page

You will be asked to submit a short biography of the author, with a small .jpg photo image if possible.

7. Royalty Payments

Authors are paid 70 percent of sales revenue. Payments are made each quarter.

8. Authors' Rights

Authors retain all rights, including copyright. Publication at LifeKits constitutes a non-exclusive offering.

9. Correspondence

For your initial correspondence, please email the following to

  • a brief (50-150 words) description of the publication
  • the table of contents
  • short author bio (showing why you're the correct person to write this publication)

Please allow 2-3 weeks for our review. At that point we will request the entire publication.

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