Speak Up

Is public speaking a fearful experience for you? Do you need to make a toast or host a program and you're not sure where to start? Do you have a new job that involves speaking and you need to polish your skills? This is your answer...

- a 60-page ebook focusing on Public Speaking for everybody.




Section I

1. The Importance of Good Oral Communication
2. Assessment of Present Skill Level
3. Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking
4. Basic Speaking Skills:

1. Eye Contact
2. Gestures & Body Language
3. Vocal Variety

5. Common Speaking Errors

Section II

1. Evaluation Techniques
2. Organization of Your Presentation
3. Impromptu Speaking

Section III

1. Audience Analysis
2. Use of Notes
3. Visual Aids
4. Putting Humor Into Your Presentation

Section IV

1. Special Occasions:

  • a. Toasts
  • b. Master of Ceremonies
  • c. Presentations and Awards
  • d. Introducing and Thanking a Speaker

2. Practice Techniques


1. World's Greatest Speeches
2. Toastmasters
3. Suggested Reading


Here's what others have to say about Speak Up

Ben Franklin was once asked... "Of all your skills, and all your wordly possessions, what do you consider to be most important?" He replied..." The most important of all is my ability to communicate. I could lose everything else but as long as I had the ability to communicate, I could gain them all back."
(A few hours invested in your ability to communicate will pay dividends for the rest of your life.)

"I used to be scared stiff every time I had to make a sales presentation. I'm still scared, but now that I know some basic skills, I'm a lot more effective and my income is actually going up..." J.L. (Winnipeg)

"After going through the workshop I realise how boring my speeches have been. The vocal variety section alone has made such a difference I'm starting to get compliments instead of complaints!" W.D. (Regina)

I wish I'd done this sooner.
Your whole package costs less than taking my family to dinner at Burger King. You'll get a kick out of this, I filled out your chart and found out that one of the things that was causing me the most stress was taking the kids to Burger King!... S.W. (Winnipeg)

About the Author

Jim Cook is a writer, a professional speaker, and a seminar leader. He has developed and delivered hundreds of seminars and workshops to thousands of individuals on business management and personal development topics. In addition to seminars, Jim has written numerous articles for magazines on business management topics, and several self-development e-books.

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