Spanish for Travelers

This illustrated course will guide you through grammar, verb structures, and the vocabulary you'll need as you are planning your trip and as you are immersed in a variety of situations.  You'll also learn about how the Spanish language evolved.  This course won't make you a fluent speaker, but you will speak beginner's Spanish with ease and confidence.  All the basics will be covered, and if you wish to continue with your studies, you'll be well prepared. You'll also learn a few facts about Spain itself.

LESSON 1 - The Basics: Acquaint Yourself with Spanish               
LESSON 2 - Building Blocks: Build the Foundation
LESSON 3 - "AR" You Ready?
LESSON 4 - Your Money Matters
LESSON 5 - Finding Your Way
LESSON 6 - Looking Ahead
LESSON 7 - Looking Back
LESSON 8 - Seeing the Past Differently
LESSON 9 - About Spain


About the Author

Heidi Brault is multilingual and an experienced course developer. She has several language courses to her credit and is an accredited and experienced English as a Second Language teacher. Heidi has a college diploma in the Library & Information field, a BA, and has studied linguistics.  She has worked in resource centers, taught ESL, and volunteers some of her time doing editing and writing for a local newsletter.
She has a passion for languages and travel, and enjoys music and photography.

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