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With the current movements in the stock market, the bond market, and other investment vehicles, it's time for you to take control of your own future by making the best possible use of your cash, and your entire investment portfolio.

This set of 8 lessons takes you from a standing start and with very little time, trouble, or trial-by-error gradually transforms you into a savvy investor. You'll learn right away how to start building an investment nest egg, where to put your money for maximum return with minimum risk, and - by the end of the course - how to take advantage of the sophisticated investment strategies and tactics that most investors don't understand, or are reluctant to try, but that have made thousands of investors just like you into millionaires!

(You will search far and wide to find another investment course as comprehensive and clearly-written as this one - John Nicolson).


  • Lesson 1 - The Investment Power of $1,000
  • Lesson 2 - Organizing Your Resources for Maximum Financial Advantage
  • Lesson 3 - Low-risk Investing: Instruments that are Safe - And Profitable
  • Lesson 4 - Managing Your Money Without Wasting a Lot of Time
  • Lesson 5 - Picking the Best Mutual Funds
  • Lesson 6 - How to Win Regularly in the Stock Market
  • Lesson 7 - How to Use Bonds to Boost Your Financial Success
  • Lesson 8 - Financial Planning for Retirement

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