86 Safety Tips to Calm the Wary Traveler

Are you a bit of a "worry-wart" when it comes to leaving the comfort of your own home environment, and taking a venture into the "unknown?"  If you're like me, your worries are based both in reality and in media hype... you know, the thieves lurking around every corner of airports, hotels, trains, strange cities, etc. 

This e-book covers preventative measures that will enable you to address as many concerns as possible prior to leaving, to become cognizant of common pitfalls you may encounter while away, as well as the most effective ways to remain alert and watchful of your environment and not place yourself in high-risk situations.  Its safety content ranges from avoiding "passive drains" on your budget to developing an awareness of potential theft/pickpocketing ploys to honoring and preserving your relationships with others with whom you travel.  The e-book's thirteen sub-headings include topics such as protecting your financial resources; safety in and around the airport; travel by plane (with special suggestions for the claustrophobic and "white-knuckled" flyers), bus, train, and rental car; and the importance of acting like a "local" when traveling within foreign countries. 


  • Preparedness: Do your homework, prior to leaving ! 1
  • Protecting Your Financial Resources: Better Safe Than Sorry! 2
  • Checking In, and Navigating the Airport: Be Alert and Aware! 4
  • Traveling by Train/Subway/Bus: Be Alert to Your Surroundings! 6
  • Maximizing Your Hotel/Restaurant Experience: Bring Your "Creature Comforts" with You! 7
  • Arrival and Negotiating Other Countries: Act Like a "Local!" 8
  • Traveling with Children: Preserve Your Most Valuable Relationships! 10
  • Miscellaneous Tips: Ending on a Lighter Note! 11
  • Closing Comments: Relax into It, and Enjoy! 12

About the Author

Karen Christopherson is an insightful whole-life (personal/professional) coach, counselor, and mediator with a Master of Social Work degree, training with the Coaches Training Institute, and more than thirty years of experience in social work and health care management. Karen loves sharing her excitement for wisdom and enlightenment with others, inspiring them to find their passion for life and work, to triumph in the face of adversity, and to seek practical, constructive resolutions to complex issues in an ever-changing world. She enjoys travel, theatre, improvisational acting, and discovering the profound truths, lightness and humor in life.

You can reach Karen at 616-975-1159 or email her at: TrilliumConsult@aol.com.
To learn more about Karen Christopherson's coaching style and areas of expertise, visit her Coaching Federation page.


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