Beyond Positive Thinking

Are you exhausted by the effort of trying always to "Think Positive" ?

Are you fed up with the hype surrounding Personal Growth work ?

Are you looking for a more realistic approach to making changes in your life ?

" - - - And yet every goal has a price. Being the first up the mountain has its moment of glory, but then the only way forward is down. Goal-driven people can be narrow-minded as well as single-minded: they tend to be restless, fidgety people who can be very difficult to be around. They may achieve their goal and only then discover the high price they have paid to get there."

This book is about getting more pleasure and less pain by making better decisions. It is designed to be practical, with a minimum of theory and only a sprinkling of philosophy.

This book will help you to:

  • develop more trust in your own judgement
  • identify your strengths, skills and abilities
  • banish stress from your life
  • motivate yourself - and other people
  • make sound decisions based on your core values
  • develop a clear, meaningful direction for your life
  • become more fully the person you want to be

Beyond Positive Thinking: How to make life decisions you can live with is based on Phil Chandler's experiences during seven years spent running courses for people with disabilities and depression. During that time, hundreds of people found new ways to deal with their life challenges, many finding employment again after long periods out of work.

This book takes a sympathetic and holistic approach to personal growth. It is designed to help you shift the direction of your thinking towards what you really want to have, to be and to do, and to make better decisions based on your true values.


About the Author

Beyond Positive Thinking: How to make life decisions you can live with was written by P J Chandler.

Take action now for your results in the future! Order Beyond Positive Thinking.

Important! This is an electronic book that you download to your computer. It is not a print book. Please be certain this is the book you want. It is not by Robert Anthony. It is by P.J. Chandler. Please be certain before you purchase.

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